Photography courtesy of the  Rachel Demetz

Photography courtesy of the Rachel Demetz

About Edurne Arizu

Edurne Arizu is a musician from Barcelona who attended accordion at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory of Music (Pamplona, Navarra) and also holds a degree in History and Music Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Edurne’s career as an interpreter and composer of dance, theater and circus shows, which led her to play in several countries such as: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Colombia or Panama. She has collaborated with several artists such as: Tomaz Pandur, Blanca Portillo, Julieta Serrano or Manolo García.

Edurne has written music for the didactic concert “Route 6.6” 2019; "La Caja" 2018 by Mai Rojas and the air sculptors (Cirque du soleil); the circus show "F.I.R.A." 2014 by Jordi Aspa and the contemporary dance show "Musicolepsia" 2011 (Production of the National Theater of Catalona),

Fricciones is her first album as a composer and producer with renowned musicians from the Spain's jazz scene.

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